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Global Studies of Childhood

CALL FOR PAPERS for a Special Issue of the journal 
Global Studies of Childhood (www.wwwords.co.uk/GSCH)
Co-editors: VICKI COPPOCK, Edgehill University, UK
& LOUISE PHILLIPS, University of Queensland, Australia
Focus & Rationale
In contemporary times, children are widely viewed as competent and capable. Yet the actualization of children demonstrating their competence and capability through active participation in society is limited. Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), though implementation of children’s participation rights has to date been minimal.  From the conception of children’s rights with the 1924 Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child protection and provision have been the main emphasis. Participation rights defined in the UNCRC are viewed by many as aspirational and not yet realised. There are many reasons for this, which involve constructs of children and childhood, positionings of children and adults in society, and socially constructed demarcations between children and adults. 
Participation requires children to be recognized as participants in society. Many social practices and structures do not recognize children as participants in society, instead they are confined to the private words of home and school. Limited support for children’s participation rights has led to discussion and advocacy for children’s citizenship which offers scope to increase children’s status in society so that their voices can be heard through active engagement in decision-making that affects their lives. Enabling children to actualise participation rights requires reconceptualising understandings of children, childhood and children’s citizenship. New ways of thinking about children, childhood and children’s citizenship are required to open avenues for children’s claims for participation rights. This special issue aims to problematise barriers for children’s participation and explore new ways of thinking about children, childhood and citizenship that will enable greater scope for the actualization of children’s participation across a wide range of societal sectors . 
This special issue of Global Studies of Childhood seeks to explore actualizations and hindrances of children’s participation rights. Perspectives from across the globe and across diverse disciplines are particularly sought.  Target disciplines may include: allied health professions, education, civic studies, community cultural development, policy development, social work, sociology of childhood, sustainability, and the arts.
Contributions to this special issue will explore one or more of the following questions:
• How do global forces impacts on children’s participation rights?
• How do social cultural values influence the actualization of children’s participation rights?
• What can children’s participation in education, research, communities, and public spheres be?
• How can theories (e,g., critical, postmodern, poststructuralist, post-colonial, queer theory, humanist and post-humanist perspectives) shed light on possibilities and hindrances of actualisations of children’s participation rights?

We seek proposals for traditional papers of 4000-6000 words.
Submissions of colloquia are also welcome, that is edited exchanges between individuals working in divergent disciplines around a specific question relating to children’s participation rights. These exchanges are to be in the region of 2000 words, and provoke debate to provide links and pointers to areas for shared interdisciplinary research as an outcome of the exchange.
This special issue of Global Studies of Childhood aims to:
• present global perspectives on children’s lived experiences of participations rights
• provoke discussion of issues pertaining to the actualisation of children’s participation rights in global contemporary contexts
• profile specific experiences of children’s lived experiences of participations rights within various geographic locales and cultural frames
• problematise forces that complicate, block and distort possibilities for the actualization of children’s participation rights
July 30th 2012 - Deadline for 500-700 word proposals for contributions
September 1 2012 - Selected contributors invited to submit full paper
December 14 2012 - Deadline for full papers
February 14 2013 - Feedback on first drafts
April 12 2013 - Final drafts due
June 2013 - Special Issue published
All proposals should be sent to
coppockv@edgehill.ac.uk and louise.phillips@uq.edu.au

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