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sábado, 5 de março de 2011

[ISCAR Bulletin] 2nd ISCAR Summer University at Moscow/ 26 Aug - 1 Sept, 2011

Dear ISCAR members,

The International Society for Cultural and Activity Research and the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education are pleased to announce the Second International ISCAR Summer University "Theoretical Problems of Cultural-historical Psychology in the Context of Emerging Social Practices" which will take place in Moscow, Russia from August 26 till September 1, 2011. We invite PhD students from all over the world to participate. While we are hard working to prepare the PhD's Day/ Preconference in Rome, 2011 (see: http://www.iscar2011.org/eng/pre-conf_info.php), the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education has volunteered to run the PhD Summer University also for 2011. In accordance with the relevant ISCAR executive orders accommodation costs for students are covered by the Moscow State University and participation is for free. Only travel costs should be covered by the individual participants.

You can find the whole announcement here: 
Or here: 

We would like to invite all other interested local groups or universities to host similar events, as we wish to ensure access to PhD Students from the whole world to such events. Interested local groups or universities are invited to submit proposals for the organization of a next PhD Summer School in 2011 or 2012. ("Summer" indicates the local period of university holidays and hot weather and not a particular temporal period). Proposals should be in English, no longer than one A4 page, and provide information about all organizational aspects (e.g. free accommodation at university/ or at local hosts; possibilities to cover travel expenses of invited professors and eventually student participants, ideal growth and duration of the school, names and status of local participants involved, cultural and social program, and thematic preferences/ strengths). You can find the relevant executive order here: 
WHAT IS MORE: A series of other PhD Summer events are currently planned by local members and you can find all announcements here: 
Please forward this announcement to your students and colleagues from the whole world, 
Thank you! 
Michalis Kontopodis
ISCAR Secretary

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