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quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2021

ESA RN04 News. Swiss Sociological Association's 2021 Congress - Childhood

Dear RN04 members, We are happy to share with you our call for papers for the upcoming Swiss Sociological Association’s Congress 2021, Social Justice in Times of Uncertainty (June 28-30, 2021, Geneva, Switzerland). Paper session: “Childhood: politics and moral economies in times of global crises” Background information: Global crises are events that tend to overtake the attention of political, economical, moral, philosophical discourses in spite of apparently less important matters. The question is how social actors react to such crises by reinforcing existing discourses, disrupting them in favor of alternative narratives or even creating new ones. A particularly visible discourse is the humanitarian one (Fassin, 2011) which focuses on the mobilisation of compassion to “help” or “save” those who need it. Children are often at the very center of these concerns and their lives can be strongly influenced by these discourses and how they are being shaped by various actors. With this paper session, we would like to look at how moral economies (Fassin, 2011) and the politics of childhood are being (re)shaped in the face of global crises as the current coronavirus pandemic. Abstract requirements: Maximum 500 words, plus contact details (name, email, address and institutional affiliation) and references. Your abstract can be grounded in any relevant discipline. Please find attached more details about the paper session. You can submit your abstract to Daniel Stoecklin (Daniel.stoecklin@unige.ch) by February 5, 2021 latest. Submission results will be communicated by February 22, 2021. Warm regards, Daniel Stoecklin, Lucía del Moral and Cath Larkins *If there is any information you would like to circulate among the RN04 members, please don’t hesitate to contact lucia.delmoral@uca.es

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