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quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2015

Children's Emotions in Policy and Practice: Mapping and Making Spaces of Childhood

This volume examines the many ways in which children's and young people's emotions matter within diverse policy contexts and forms of intervention. Its contributors explore diverse forms of emotion and emotion work including emotions experienced during the course of professional interventions; emotions underpinning and evident (or overlooked and absent) in policy-making for children; management of young people's emotions as part of professional practice; and the use of emotion to justify particular moral or political imperatives. Combining theoretical and empirical rigour with a clear focus on policy and practice, this collection presents new findings and original understandings of children's and young people's emotions, as well as developing existing theorisations of emotions in policy and professional contexts. Children's Emotions in Policy and Practice is an engaging resource for students and academics, as well as professionals who work with or on behalf of children.

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