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quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

CFP RGS-IBG AC2015 'Exploring methodologies and critical geographies of education'

*Apologies for cross-posting. Deadline for abstracts Friday 20th February 2015.**
2015 RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2015, Exeter, 2-4 September 2015.

 Call for papers: 'Exploring methodologies and critical geographies of education'
Session organisers: Dr Mark Holton (Plymouth University, UK), Dr Mark Riley (University of Liverpool, UK), Prof. Barbara Pini (Griffith University, Australia).
The literature around the ‘geographies of education’ has expanded significantly in recent years. As part of this evolution, the time is ripe for some critical reflection onhow we go about studying these geographies – particularly in light of the recent scrutiny given to conventional forms of data collection and the calls to challenge the boundaries and definitions which have traditionally circumscribed quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches (e.g. Dwyer and Davies, 2010; DeLyser and Sui, 2013a; 2013b). As Latham (2003) has argued: “Pushed in the appropriate direction there is no reason why these methods cannot be made to dance a little”.
The methodological ruptures in human geography raise exciting prospects for geographers of education given the field’s connection to spatial studies of children and youth which has an established history of methodological critique and innovation (eg. Van Blerk and Kesby 2009). As such, these sessions invite explorations of enlivening methodologies within and for the critical geographies of education. By considering the data we collect, the spaces in which we research, the relationships between researcher and subject and the ways in which we interpret our findings we can think critically of the research methods we apply to different types of data in order to make better sense of a changing social world.
Topics for session one might include, but are not limited to: what do we mean by ‘data’?; public datasets; technological innovation; critical GIS; statistical modelling; mixed method approaches; interdisciplinary research methods.
Topics for session two might include, but are not limited to: place-based methodologies; participatory methods; teaching and learning and field-based methods; Visual approaches, more-than-human methodologies and educational research, access and ethics in geographical studies of education, the particularities of studying rural education.
Please email a 250 word abstract to one of the convenors:

Deadline for submission Friday 20th February 2015.

For further inquiries or if you would like to discuss your papers before submitting, please contact any of the convenors.

Dr Mark Holton.
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.
Plymouth University

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