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quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2013

Qualitative data analysis training course

Apologies for cross-posting

Susie Weller (London South Bank University) & Rosalind Edwards (University of Southampton) would like to invite you to a National Centre for Research Methods Training Course

In-Depth Qualitative Data Analysis: I-Poems | 12th March 2013 | MRC, London

This hands-on workshop will explore a method of in-depth qualitative data analysis in which researchers work with interview transcripts to identify and interpret interviewees' subjectivity. The I-poem method focuses on the ‘first person voice’ or ‘voices’ in in-depth interviews to explore how interviewees talk about themselves. This analytic method is part of the ‘Listening Guide’ developed by Carol Gilligan and colleagues, and can be used with one-off interviews or a series of interviews with a research participant over a period of time.

The workshop will lay the foundation for the I-poem method through an introduction to and appraisal of the analytic approach. The workshop leaders will then provide a guide to constructing I-poems, tracing an interviewee’s senses of self within interview data. Participants will have the opportunity to be involved in some hands-on exploration of the method using case studies of children and young people drawn from the Your Space dataset of the Timescapes qualitative longitudinal study. Using this longitudinal study will enable us to look at change and continuity in interviewees’ sense of self over time.

For further details please see: http://www.ncrm.ac.uk/training/show.php?article=3837

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