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Call for papers- Child in the World Conference

One day conference: 9 November 2013
V&A Museum of Childhood, London
Keynote Speaker: Dr Karen Wells

· How have children’s lives been shaped by global processes and events, both past and present?
· How do children understand their place within the world and how has this sense of place changed or remained the same?
· How have children’s lives been shaped by experiences of global travel, of migration and displacement?

We invite contributions exploring these questions, particularly in relation to children’s everyday experiences of the global. We welcome papers which trace children’s voices and experiences via a range of methodologies and source materials, both tangible and intangible, such as the objects they use and own, the books and other materials they read, the programmes and films they watch, the technological equipment they have access to, the clothes they wear, the games they play, and the testimonials they themselves provide.

We encourage contributions from colleagues throughout the arts and social sciences, including in particular those working within the fields of childhood studies, geography, museum studies, children’s literature and culture. In addition to abstracts for 20-minute papers, we also welcome the submission of panels and of formats other than standard papers (such as lightning talks, posters or discussions).

Please send submissions by 13 March 2013 to childinworld@qmul.ac.uk

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