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[FQS] 14(1)

Dear All,

I would like to inform you that FQS 14(1) is available online (see for the current issue and for former issues).

As we do have to manage a great number of submissions, FQS 14(1) has no thematic focus, but provides a collection of single contributions from all in all 50 authors from 13 countries. The articles are dealing with a variety of methodological and methodical topics (e.g. theory building, qualitative secondary analysis, situational analysis, institutional and relational ethnography, visual methods, and reflection of writing styles) as well as providing results from empirical research (on anorexia, physical violence, racism, perceptions of whales, to mention just a few of them).

A) FQS 14(1)
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Enjoy reading!
Katja Mruck

Ps: FQS is an open-access journal, so all articles are available free of charge (see for additional information about open access). This newsletter is sent to 17,049 registered readers; registered readers can comment on each article online.

A) FQS 14(1)

*** Single Contributions

Pedro F. Bendassolli (Brazil): Theory Building in Qualitative Research: Reconsidering the Problem of Induction

Laura Bisaillon, Janet Rankin (Canada): Navigating the Politics of Fieldwork Using Institutional Ethnography: Strategies for Practice

Carrie Coltart, Karen Henwood, Fiona Shirani (UK): Qualitative Secondary Analysis in Austere Times: Ethical, Professional and Methodological Considerations

Felix Diaz, Natalia Solano Pinto, Irene Solbes (Spain): Autobiography and Anorexia: A Qualitative Alternative to Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change Model

Regula Fankhauser (Switzerland): Research on Classroom Teaching Using Video: The Perfect Solution?

Manuela Ferrari, Gail McVey, Joanna Anneke Rummens (Canada): Dialogue with Immigrant Mothers from Chinese and Tamil Communities to Explore Homogenization, Normalization, and Objectification of their Body

Sandra Guenter (Switzerland): Fitness as a Premise for Inclusion? A Discourse Analysis of the Problematizing of Obesity in Children and Youth in the Academic Discourse within Sports and Sports Studies in Health Education

Rahel Heeg (Switzerland): Physical Violence as a Source of Positive Self-perception for Adolescent Girls

Rachel M. Hershberg, M. Brinton Lykes (USA): Redefining Family: Transnational Girls Narrate Experiences of Parental Migration, Detention, and Deportation

leana Desiree Ibáñez & Cecilia Michelazzo (Argentina): Expressiveness of the Image: Scopic Regime, Spatiality and Sensitivities

Sofia Lampropoulou, Greg Myers (UK): Stance-taking in Interviews from the Qualidata Archive

Linda Liu, Jennifer Lapum, Suzanne Fredericks, Terrence Yau, Vaska Micevski (Canada): Music as an Interpretive Lens: Patients' Experiences of Discharge Following Open-heart Surgery

Evangelos Manolas (Greece), John Hockey (UK), Michael Littledyke (Australia): A Natural History of an Environmentalist: Identifying Influences on Pro-sustainability Behavior Through Biography and Autoethnography

Christa Markom (Austria): "Culprits at Home": Pitfalls and Opportunities in Research on Domestic Racists

Orla McGarry, Brian William McGrath (Ireland): "A Virtual Canvas" -- Designing a Blog Site to Research Young Muslims' Friendships & Identities

Katalin Eszter Morgan, Elizabeth Henning (South Africa): Designing a Tool for History Textbook Analysis

Claudia Scheid (Switzerland): An Exploration of Social Science Methodology in Relation to Image Recognition Based on the Analysis of Two Children's Drawings

Gail Simon (UK): Relational Ethnography: Writing and Reading in Research Relationships

Frank Sowa (Germany): "What Does a Whale Mean to You?" -- Divergence of Perceptions of Whales in Germany, Japan, and Greenland

Christian Stegbauer (Germany): Situations, Networks and Culture -- The Case of a Golden Wedding as an Example for the Production of Local Cultures

Rebekka Streck, Ursula Unterkofler, Anja Terner (Germany): Estranging Ourselves from Our Fieldnotes -- Reconstruction of Styles of Writing as a Methodological Reflection

Elena Wiesler, Sonja Wahl, Gabriele Lucius-Hoene, Michael Berner (Germany): "We're Not Getting Wasted Beforehand, We're Just Drinking a Few Beers." "Pregaming": A Current Practice in Adolescent Alcohol Consumption

*** FQS Reviews

Julia Böcker, Alexander Leistner (Germany): Review: Vico Leuchte (2011). Landkommunen in Ostdeutschland. Lebensgeschichten, Identitaetsentfaltung und Sozialwelt [Communes in East Germany. Life Stories, Identity and the Social World]

Rainer Diaz-Bone (Switzerland): Review Essay: Situational Analysis -- Strauss Meets Foucault?

Stephan Lorenz (Germany): Review Essay: What Keeps a Cooperation Together?

Axel Philipps (Germany): Review: Andreas Franzmann (2012). Die Disziplin der Neugierde. Der professionalisierte Habitus in den Erfahrungswissenschaften [Curiosity-driven Disciplines. The Professional Habitus in Empirical Research]


10-11 April, Sydney, Australien
3rd National Practice-based Education Summit: Practice, Culture and Identity

17-18 April, Berlin, Germany
Qualitative360 Europe: 3rd Annual Conference

19 April, King's College London, UK
LCSS PhD Conference 2013: Methodological Choices and Challenges

10 May, University of Exeter, UK
Qualitative and Ethnographic Research (QER): Sharing and Shaping Pedagogies -- Learning Through Doing

11-13 May, Istanbul, Turkey
International Conference on Gender and Migration: Critical Issues and Policy Implications

15-18 May, Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA
9th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry "Qualitative Inquiry Outside the Academy"

17-19 May, University of Jaen, Spain
XIV Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology: "Conflicts in Qualitative Research"

4-7 June, "La Sapienza" University, Rome, Italy
5th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2013)

12-14 June, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Conference "Digital Testimonies on War and Trauma"

18-19 June, Bournemouth University, UK
Masterclass: Grounded Theory

19-20 June, Fribourg, Switzerland
I4th International Congress on "Reseau international francophone de la recherche qualitative"

26-28 June, University of Bern, Switzerland
Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association "Inequality and Integration in Times of Crisis"

4-5 July, University of Cumbria, UK
Conference "Visualising the Rural"


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Tony Hey: A Journey to Open Access, Part 3

Stefan Winter: What Do Journals Do? -- Voluntary Public Goods and the Doomsday of Commercial Science Publishing

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