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domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

Special Issue of Urban Studies - Young People's Im/Mobile Urban Geographies

You may interested to know that an Urban Studies Special Issue has just been published (details below). The issue theme is: Young People's Im/Mobile Urban Geographies, and it is the first special issue in Urban Studies with an explicit focus on young people.

The extended introduction provides a conceptual framework which melds urban studies debates with those directly related to young people's urban geographies. It includes: consideration of the absent presence of young people in academic work on the urban; a review of relevant elements of relationality, comparative urbanisms, urban mobilities, and methodological issues. The ten articles explore a range of youthful urban im/mobilities in different geographical contexts including Africa and Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Hong Kong and the UK. Papers explore young people's identity issues of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, disability and educational status as well as diverse urban mobilities and immobilities.

Caribbean List members may be particularly interested in the article by Tracey Reynolds, 'Them and Us': 'Black Neighbourhoods' as a Social Capital Resource among Black Youths Living in Inner-city London'.

The special issue is available through the Urban Studies (Sage publishers website) through on-line first and is also now in print, Volume 50, issue 3, February 2013.

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