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Newsletter March 2018

Dear All,

Today we would like to draw your attention to the following news:

A. Articles, published in FQS in March 2018
B. Conferences and Workshops
C. Links
D. Open Access News

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Katja Mruck and Florian Muhle

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Oliver Berli, Daniel Bischur, Stefan Nicolae, Hilmar Schaefer (Germany): Conference Report: Cultures of Evaluation

May Chazan, Madeline Macnab (Canada): Doing the Feminist Intergenerational Mic: Methodological Reflections on Digital Storytelling as Process and Praxis

Angela Dew, Louisa Smith, Susan Collings, Isabella Dillon Savage (Australia): Complexity Embodied: Using Body Mapping to Understand Complex Support Needs

Denise Gastaldo (Canada), Natalia Rivas-Quarneti (Spain), Lilian Magalhaes (Brazil): Body-Map Storytelling as a Health Research Methodology: Blurred Lines Creating Clear Pictures

Glynis Rosamonde George, Erwin Selimos (Canada): Using Narrative Research to Explore the Welcoming of Newcomer Immigrants: A Methodological Reflection on a Community-Based Research Project

Julian Hamann, Lisa Suckert (Germany): Temporality in Discourse: Methodological Challenges and a Suggestion for a Quantified Qualitative Approach

Colin Hastings, Leigha Comer, Eric Mykhalovskiy (Canada): Review: Didier Fassin (Ed.) (2017). If Truth Be Told: The Politics of Public Ethnography

Alasdair Jones (UK): Revisiting Bott to Connect the Dots: An Exploration of the Methodological Origins of Social Network Analysis

Asli Kandemir, Richard Budd (UK): Using Vignettes to Explore Reality and Values With Young People

Alexandra Macht (UK): From Romanian "Soul" to English "Heart": Dilemmas of Cultural and Gender Representation in Translating Qualitative Data

Leticia Muniz Terra (Argentina): Biographical Events and Milestones: A Methodological Proposal to Analyze Narratives of Life

Christine Schmalenbach, Mechthild Kiegelmann (Germany): Juggling and Joining Perspectives and Relationships -- Multicultural Researchers in Multilocal Frames of Reference

Victoria Sherif (USA): Evaluating Preexisting Qualitative Research Data for Secondary Analysis


12-14 April, Berlin, Germany
Conference "Participant Observation and Collaboration in STS Ethnography: Generating Methodographic Sensibilities for Science & Technology Studies"

13-15 April, Karlsruhe, Germany
18th Center for Qualitative Psychology Workshop

7-8 May, Graz, Austria
STS Conference "Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies"

16-19 May, Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA
14th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry "Qualitative Inquiry In Troubled Times"

24-25 May, Poznan, Poland
The Polish Peasant in Europe and America 2018 Symposium

1-3 June, Kobe, Japan
Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2018

20 June, Alberta, Canada
Thinking Participatively Research Conference

20-22 June, Berlin, Germany
3rd ATLAS.ti User Conference

21-23 June, Siegen, Germany
International Symposium "Counter-/ Narratives of Punishment and Criminal Justice"

2-5 July, Enschede, Netherlands
Narrative Matters 2018

2-5 July, Mannheim, Germany
2019 Conference "Practices" of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA)

3-5 July, Bath, UK
ESRC Research Methods Festival 2018

21-26 July, Brisbane, Australia
25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science

25-28 July, Lancaster, UK
EASST2018: Meetings -- Making Science, Technology and Society Together

3-4 September, Aberdeen, UK
Conference "Radical Democratic Citizenship -- Grassroots Political Practice"

6-8 September, St.Gallen, Switzerland
Conference "Unspoken, Unseen, Unheard of. Unexplored Realities in Qualitative Research"

12-14 September, Giessen, Germany
Conference "Discourse, Power, Subjectivation"

20-22 September, Berlin, Germany
7th Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference

3-4 October, Singapore
Qualitative360 APAC

4-5 October, Potsdam, Germany
PINA Conference, Potsdam Research Institute for Early Learning & Educational Action Conference

11-13 October, Augsburg, Germany
Autumn School "Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse"

21-23 November, Aarhus, Denmark
Nordisco 2018: 5th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction

4-7 December, Hanoi, Vietnam
Conference on InterAsian Connections VI

5-8 December, Brussels, Belgium
Conference "Global Interdependencies. What's New in the Human Society of Individuals? The Political and Academic Relevance of Norbert Elias's Work Today"

16-18 January 2019, Fort-Lauderdale, FL, USA
TQR 10th Annual Conference "Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research"


migART: Repository for Migration Activism, Research, and Teaching Projects Using Creative and Collaborative Methods


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Open Science Q&A

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Anna Bjoerk, Juho-Matti Paavola, Teemu Ropponen, Mikael Laakso, Leo Lahti: Opening Academic Publishing Development and Application of Systematic Evaluation Criteria

Ian Graber-Stiehl: Science's Pirate Queen. Alexandra Elbakyan is Plundering the Academic Publishing Establishment. The Verge

Richard Poynder: Interview with Ashley Farley, Gates Foundation

Richard Poynder: The Intellectual Properties of Learning: John Willinsky Discusses his New Book

RatSWD [German Data Forum]: The German Data Forum (RatSWD) and Research Data Infrastructure: Status Quo and Quality Management

RatSWD [German Data Forum]: Research Data Infrastructure accredited by the RatSWD. Berlin: German Data Forum (RatSWD)

David Stuart et al.: Whitepaper: Practical Challenges for Researchers in Data Sharing

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