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[FQS] Newsletter July 2015

Dear All,

Today I would like to draw your attention to the following news:

A. Articles, published in FQS in July 2015
B. Conferences and Workshops
C. Links
D. Open Access News

Enjoy reading!
Katja Mruck

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Cindy Ballaschk (Germany): Conference Report: The Sociology of Knowledge: Approaches to Discourse Analysis & Further Perspectives on Discourse Research

Paula Bleckmann, Nadine Jukschat (Germany): The Integrated Model of (Dys-) Functionality: Reconstructing Patterns of Gaming as Self-Medication in Biographical Interviews with Video Game Addicts

Jeanette Boehme, Helmut Bremer, Fabian Kessl, Nicolle Pfaff, Anja Tervooren (Germany): Conference Report: Qualitative Research in Education and Social Research: Innovation, New Developments, and Methodological Perspectives

Lynn Froggett, Julian Manley, Alastair Roy (UK): The Visual Matrix Method: Imagery and Affect in a Group-Based Research Setting

Roderick G. Galam (Germany): Gender, Reflexivity, and Positionality in Male Research in One's Own Community With Filipino Seafarers' Wives

Ping-Chun Hsiung (Canada): Pursuing Qualitative Research From the Global South: "Investigative Research" During China's "Great Leap Forward" (1958-62)

Sarah K. Knudson (Canada): Integrating the Self and the Spirit: Strategies for Aligning Qualitative Research Teaching with Indigenous Methods, Methodologies, and Epistemology

Stephanie Bettina Linek, Klaus Tochtermann (Germany): Paper Prototyping: The Surplus Merit of a Multi-Method Approach

Fraser Mitchell (UK): Reflections on the Process of Conducting Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data Concerning Informed Choice for Young People With a Disability in Transition

Hans Pongratz, Thomas Birken (Germany): Praktikanz as a Target Dimension in Applied Research

Wolff-Michael Roth (Canada): Analyzing the Qualitative Data Analyst: A Naturalistic Investigation of Data Interpretation

Gabriela Rubilar Donoso (Chile): Practices of Memory and the Construction of Research Testimonies. A Methodological Reflection about Self-Interviewing, Testimonies, and Social Workers' Accounts of Their Research

Martin Vetter (Switzerland): School-Integrated Therapies and Inclusive Education: The Tension Between Institutionally Defined Responsibility and Subjective Problem Experience and Efficacy Experience with Consequences for Interventions

Werner Vogd, Jonathan Harth, Ulrike Selma Ofner (Germany): Doing Religion in Phowa Courses: Studies on Praxeology and the Logic of Reflection in Courses on "Conscious Dying" in Diamond Way Buddhism

Sharon Walker (UK): Literature Reviews: Generative and Transformative Textual Conversations


26-28 August, Berlin, Germany
2nd ATLAS.ti User Conference "Qualitative Data Analysis and Beyond"

19-20 August, Turku, Finland
International Conference "Fragile Subjects: Childhood in Literature, Arts and Medicine"

9-11 September, London, UK
Symposium "Citizen Humanities Comes of Age: Crowdsourcing for the Humanities in the 21st Century" 

14-15 September, Utrecht, Netherlands
"Beyond Methods of Mining: A Workshop on Doing Historical Research using Digital Data"

23-25 September, Bukarest, Romania
International Conference "Qualitative Research in Communication"

1-2 October, Nimwegen, Netherlands
Workshop "Perspectives on the Ontogeny of Mutual Understanding", Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

14-18 October, Tampa, Florida, USA
2015 OHA Annual Meeting

19-20 October, Toronto, ON, Canada
21st Qualitative Health Research Conference "Qualitative Health Research: Informing Practice, Policy and the Preferred Future of Healthcare" 

4-5 November, Leeds, UK
The State of the Art of Realist Methodologies: A Two Day Conference

17-20 November, Havana, Cuba
18th International Conference "New Political Science"

14-16 January 2016, Nova Southeastern University, FL, USA
The Qualitative Report Seventh Annual Conference "Futures of Qualitative Inquiries"

30 January 2016, Stanford University, CA, USA
Symposium "Narrative and Metaphor in the Law"

10-11 March 2016, Breslau, Poland
International Conference "Ludwik Fleck's Theory of Thought Styles and Thought Collectives -- Translations and Receptions"

14-18 March 2016, Munich, Germany
International Workshop –"Health Care Provision for Migrants -- Ethical Challenges in Germany and the UK/England

8-11 June 2016, Zurich, Switzerland
Conference "Objects of Psychiatry: Between Thing-Making, Reification & Personhood"

10-14 July 2016, Vienna, Austria
3rd ISA Forum of Sociology "The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World"

28-31 July 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands
European Bisexual Research Conference and European Bisexual Conference

11-16 September 2016, Leicester, UK
9th International Conference "Social Science Methodology" (RC33) 


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See for more open-access news.

FP7 post-grant Open Access publishing funds pilot launched

---> Texts/Media

Anurag Acharya: Indexing Repositories: Pitfalls & Best Practices 

Lars Bjornshauge: Towards a Transparent and Open Scholarly Communication System 

Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR): Promoting Open Knowledge and Open Science: Current State of Repositories

Christian Gutknecht: The Uncoordinated Potential of Libraries to Achieve Open Access Now. How the Transition to Open Access Could be Accelerated by Libraries Working Together

Danny Kingsley: Dutch Boycott of Elsevier -- A Game Changer?, see also and

Vincent Larivière , Stefanie Haustein, Philippe Mongeon: The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era

Marie Lebert: Open Access: A "Chronology" (or Timeline), see also

Heather Morrison: Dramatic Growth of Open Access June 30, 2015 

Falk Reckling, Rieck, Katharina: Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Publication Cost Data 2014

Jochen Schirrwagen: Current Initiatives on Metadata Guidelines for Open Access Repositories 

Adriana Sikora, Kai Geschuhn: Management of Article Processing Charges -- Challenges for Libraries

Misha Teplitskiy, Grace Lu, Eamon Duede: Amplifying the Impact of Open Access: Wikipedia and the Diffusion of Science

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First Monday, 20(7)

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 16(3)

Journal for Deradicalization, 3

Surveillance & Society, 13(2)


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