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domingo, 17 de maio de 2015


Each year on May 15th, Palestinians in Palestine and around the world commemorate the Nakba or “catastrophe”—the massive ethnic cleansing of Palestine that was initiated by Zionist militias in 1947 and continues today in many forms.

Since MECA started in 1988, we have stood with Palestinian refugees and their right to return to their land and their homes. We have supported their work to tell their stories, demand their rights and safeguard the lives, well-being and future of new generations growing up in refugee camps in Palestine and neighboring countries.
For more about the Nakba:

Israel continues to criminalise marking Nakba Day
Forced to leave grapes on the vine: the open wounds of May 1948
Series on the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948 that led to dispossession and conflict that still endures

Nakba Day is not just about remembering - it is about the Palestinians' return

Fonte: https://www.mecaforpeace.org/

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