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[FQS] Newsletter March 2015

Dear All,

Today I would like to draw your attention to the following news:

A. Articles, published in FQS in March 2015
B. Conferences and Workshops
C. Links
D. Open Access News

Enjoy reading!
Katja Mruck

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Reinhard Bachleitner, Martin Weichbold (Austria): Concerning the Foundations of Visual Sociology: Perception and Seeing, Observing, and Gazing

Paul Badenhorst (USA): The Weathered Corrugations of His Face: A Performative Reflection on Nelson Mandela, Self, and the Call for Racial (Un)Becoming

Lynlee Howard-Payne (South Africa): Research Note: The Methodological Implications of Relying Upon Fieldworkers for Qualitative Health Psychology Research

Aine Humble (Canada): Review Essay: Guidance in the World of Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) Programs

Alexandra Koenig, Miriam Boettner (Germany): Doing Pupil After Class -- Videography at a Children's University

Uwe Krebs (Germany): Review: Gerd Juettemann (Ed.) (2013). Die Entwicklung der Psyche in der Geschichte der Menschheit [The Development of the Psyche in the History of Mankind]

Cindy K. Malachowski (Canada): Organizational Culture Shock: Ethnographic Fieldwork Strategies for the Novice Health Science Researcher

Gordon Medlock (USA): The San Miguel Artist Project: A Grounded Theory of "The Emergence of Wonder"

Sunghee Park (South Korea), Neil Lunt (UK): Confucianism and Qualitative Interviewing: Working Seoul to Soul

Masakuni Tagaki (Japan): Long-Term Experiences of Men with Spinal Cord Injuries in Japan: A Qualitative Study


28-30 April, Melbourne, Australia
14th Annual Qualitative Methods Conference "Qualitative Methods: Better Bounded or Boundless" 

8 May, British Library, London, UK
Conference "Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences"

14-16 May, Vienna, Austria
Workshop "Analyzing Social Wrongs. Social Criticism in Analytic Philosophy"

20-23 May, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
QI2015 Congress "Constructing A New Critical Qualitative Inquiry"

9 June, University of Leeds, UK
Conference "Researching Relationships Across Generations and Through Time" 

11-12 June, University of Boras, Sweden
Conference "Rethinking Educational Ethnography: Methodological Challenges in Online and Offline Ethnography" 

17-19 June, Montpellier, France
5th Symposium of the Réseau International Francophone de Recherche Qualitative "Prudence empirique et risque interprétatif"

24-27 June, Basel, Switzerland
Conference "Revisiting Participation: Language and Bodies in Interaction"

25-27 June, Panteion University, Greece
The International Visual Sociology Association 2015 Annual Conference "What You See Is What You Get: Old and New Ways of Seeing Society"

26-27 June, Freiburg, Germany
International Congress "Illness Narratives in Practice"

26-30 June, Coventry, UK
Conference "Resistance & Renewal", International Society for Theoretical Psychology

13-17 July, Reykjavik, Island
6th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) "Mixing Survey and Qualitative Data"

19 July-1 August, Berlin, Germany
5th Berlin Summer School in Social Sciences "Linking Theory and Empirical Research" 

26-28 August, Berlin, Germany
2nd ATLAS.ti User Conference "Qualitative Data Analysis and Beyond"

19-20 August, University of Turku, Finland
International Conference "Fragile Subjects: Childhood in Literature, Arts and Medicine"

23-25 September, Bucharest, Romania
International Conference "Qualitative Research in Communication"

14-18 October, Tampa, Florida, USA
2015 OHA Annual Meeting

15-17 October, Alpbach, Austria
23rd International Conference " Eating Disorders:Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Adipositas/Obesity"

10-14 July 2016, University of Vienna, Austria
3rd ISA Forum of Sociology "The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World"

11-16 September 2016, Leicester, UK
9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33) 


Video: A Discussion with Prof Kathy Charmaz on Grounded Theory

Rufus Stone, Key Output of the "Gay and Pleasant Land?" Research Project (Bournemouth University, UK) Accessible Online for Free


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