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sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2013

Special Issue: Children and Young People's Politics in Everyday Life (Space and Polity 2013, 17:1)

Dear All,

You might interested in this newly published special issue on children, young people and politics. If you cannot access the journal, Space and Polity, do get in touch direct with the authors listed below.

Best wishes
Tracey Skelton
Department o Geography
National University of Singapore

Special Issue: Children and Young People's Politics in Everyday Life (Space and Polity 2013, 17:1)

This special issue addresses several eminent themes in contemporary research on youthful politics. The individual articles work to pinpoint the specificity of children and young people’s political agencies, roles and action, as well as politics as an unquestionable element of all human life including childhood and youth. All papers study contextual youthful political agency, yet stress different aspects and emphasise specific questions as they arise in particular empirical contexts. Differently aged and situated children and young people are appreciated as agents with pasts, presents and futures, their political lives are interpreted as spatially grounded, and their development and action is politicised on various theoretical grounds. Besides producing new knowledge on children and young people’s lived worlds, these papers reflect on the meanings of ‘the political’ in different contexts of childhood and youth and provide an important gateway between the sub-disciplinary discussion and the more generic study of spatial politics. As a follow-up to the 2003 Space and Polity special issue (by Philo & Smith) this collection provides an overview on developments in the research area during the past decade.

List of authors

Kirsi Pauliina Kallio & Jouni Häkli: Editorial
Ann E. Bartos : Friendship and Environmental Politics in Childhood
Katharyne Mitchell & Sarah Elwood: Intergenerational Mapping and the Cultural Politics of Memory
David Jones Marshall: ‘All the Beautiful Things’: Trauma, Aesthetics and the Politics of Palestinian Childhood
Sofia Cele: Performing the Political through Public Space: Teenage Girls' Everyday Use of a City Park
Lynn A. Staeheli , Kafui Attoh & Don Mitchell: Contested Engagements: Youth and the Politics of Citizenship
Fazeeha Azmi , Cathrine Brun & Ragnhild Lund: Young People's Everyday Politics in Post-conflict Sri Lanka
Tracey Skelton: Young People, Children, Politics and Space: A Decade of Youthful Political Geography Scholarship 2003–13
Chris Philo & Fiona Smith: The Child-Body-Politic: Afterword on ‘Children and Young People's Politics in Everyday Life’

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