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quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

Jean Monnet Lectures Young people's identities in Slovenia - 22nd May 2013

Dear colleague you are warmly invited to,

The Jean Monnet Lectures: 'Young people's constructions of identity in Slovenia', Wednesday 22nd May and 'Balkan and European? Young people constructing identities in Croatia', Tuesday 2nd July, Lectures by Prof Alistair Ross.

The seventh and eighth lectures in the Jean Monnet Lecture Series: Border Crossings, Moving Borders, will take place on 22nd May and 2nd July.

Young people constructing identities in Slovenia will be on Wednesday 22 May at 5.30pm in Room GCG-08.
Slovenia was established as a state in June 1991 when it was the first state to split from Yugoslavia, and joined the European Union in 2004. One of the more affluent of the new members, but with a population of about two million, the young people in the study comprise a generation born into major changes, and have developed their ideas of their identity in greatly different circumstances to their parents and grandparents. Based on focus groups in Slovenia, the research included a wide variety of young people, including those from the Roma minority.

Balkan and European? Young people constructing identities in Croatia will be on Tuesday 2 July at 5.30pm in Room GCG-08.

Croatia will join the European Union on the 1st July, the first new state to do so since 2008. Croatian young people see themselves at part Balkan, part European, and their identities are of particular interest at this moment. Based on eleven focus groups at various locations in Croatia, held at the end of last year, this lecture is particularly timely.

The first lecture will take place on Wednesday 22nd May 2013, 5.30-7pm in Room GCG-08, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB. The lecture is free of charge but places are limited.

If you wish to attend, please book your place via Eventbrite: http://jeanmonnetslovenia.eventbrite.co.uk
Please feel free to print and circulate the attached flyer and forward this e-mail to those who you think may be interested.

Best wishes,
Angela Kamara

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